100% Testing

Design, process planning, casting, machining, assembly, testing, surface treatment, logistic and quality management integrated in our own plants is crucial for ensuring the constant high quality of TERMOVENT SC products.

In keeping with the pertinent standard, every single product is tested. A unique identification number on each product allows a full traceability of all activities and material consumption.

The control process is a permanent activity in our company, including: reception, process (between stages) and final control.

 Measuring & Control Equipment

  • Test bench up to 1600 bar (up to 6 bar with air)
  • Test bench up to 650 bar (up to 6 bar with air)
  • Test bench up to 500 bar (up to 6 bar with air)
  • Test bench for hydraulic testing up to 1000 bar
  • Spectrometers for chemical analysis of materials
  • Equipment for ultrasonic examination
  • Equipment for magnetic particle examination
  • Equipment for wall thickness measuring
  • Hardness testing equipment
  • Equipment for coating thickness measuring
  • Equipment for liquid penetrant examination