Level Indicators with reflex glass [LIR]

DN 10 ÷ DN 25

PN 16 ÷ PN 40

  • Level Indicators are designed specifically for fluid level control in boilers and tanks
  • Level indicator valves are produced of cast carbon steel.
  • Internal parts made of stainless steels.
  • Body in which the glass is placed is made of cast carbon steel.
  • In standard feature the glass is reflex, produced by renowned European producers.
  • All gaskets are made of graphite which are anticipated for a long-term work.
Production and delivery
  • Level indicator valves are very robust construction which makes possible quick closing.
  • Valve has connection according to EN 1092-1.
  • Glass is placed in the machine processed two-part body and fastened with the bolts.
  • Body with glass is in the valve body free rotary as for as final tightening the gaskets in the body.
  • Technical conditions of delivery and testing are according to EN 12266-1
  • Level indicator for aggressive fluids made of chemical resistant materials.
  • Shape of flange connections according to other standards and norms.
  • Features with transparent glass and with mica shields.
  • Level indicator complete with counter flanges, bolting and gaskets
Installation instructions
  • Before installation and first run, the connecting pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned of all impurities and extraneous materials.
  • By first run, suitable for need, tighten the gaskets on the valves where the glass is sealed.
  • When installing, take care of the axial and normal adjustment of connections to avoid body distortion and glass damages.
    ▪ In the case of glass replacement, tighten the bolts on the glass body alternately from the middle towards ends with final torque of 25 Nm.

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