Thermodynamic Steam Traps [TST]

DN 15 (1/2“) ÷ DN 50 ( 2“)

PN 16 ÷ PN 63

Class 150 ÷ Class 300

  • Forged body and cover
  • Disc from hardened stainless steel
  • Hard faced stainless steel seats welded on
  • Basic design with internal ISO 7-1, Rp thread
  • Filter-Net is made of stainless steel
  • Steam traps are designed specifically for separating condensate from steam line with a variable quantity of condensate.
Pressure and temperature
  • Pressure up to 63 bar
  • Temperature up to 425°C
  • Traps with other type of connecting thread
  • Traps with Socket welding ends-SW
  • Traps with flanged ends
Installation instructions
  • Before installation and first run, the connecting pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned of all impurities and extraneous materials
  • Take care of the direction of the permitted flow which is indicated by arrow on the valve body
  • Recommended installation in horizontal position, with the cover uppermost
  • In case of insufficient flow capacity two steam traps can be installed in parallel positions
  • The Steam nozzle can be free to atmosphere or piped for steam collection
  • Care must be taken in the latter case to respect differential pressure

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